academy for social leadership


The Midrasha for the Cultivation of Social Leadership

A four-year program to train educational leaders for Israel's Development Towns

The Vision

For a graduate of this program to become cognizant of his own abilities and to be acutely aware of himself as a leader and educator in all areas of life.


This program is designed for those who have completed military service and seek to be engaged as educators of the highest level.

Graduates will be awarded a B.Ed degree upon completion of the full program.

The ultimate aim is for graduates of this program to return to their home communities and serve as educational leaders.

The Program

The educational curriculum is based upon three pillars:

• Beit Midrash Jewish studies at TAMIR and academic studies in an accredited college.

• A guided process of becoming in touch with one's self through a variety of experiential and frontal learning activities.

• Development and implementation of community social/educational projects.