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The TAMIR Organization for Social Leadership

TAMIR was established in 2003 to fill the needs of graduates of public high schools in development towns in Northern Israel who were lacking educational institutions geared towards encouraging and fostering personal development. The TAMIR Organization for Social Leadership is dedicated to cultivating youth from Israel's disadvantaged peripheries to become involved in their communities as social leaders. TAMIR works to achieve this by moving youth: from the fringes of society into the mainstream, from detachment to involvement, and from followers to leaders.

The activities conducted by the TAMIR Organization for Social Leadership can be divided in two corresponding to two phases in the lives of our students:

(1) The pre-military preparatory program – the Mechina (age 17-19 right after high school).

(2) The Preparation for Life Programs:

A. A two-three year Graduate Track of advanced religious studies and social action for those who have completed military service (age 21+) .

B. The Midrasha for the Cultivation of Social Leadership: A four-year academic program for those who completed the Graduate Track and want to study for a degree in education and advanced social entrepreneurship.

To date 200 youth-at-risk have completed the Tamir Mechina program and have written a new "life-script" for themselves – one permeated with the self-confidence, hope, and motivation to make profound positive changes in their lives, and grow into contributing members of Israeli society, and future leaders: in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), in their home communities, and in their future endeavors in the business, volunteer, political sectors.